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Types of lawn and their characteristics

We grow and cultivate the following Quality Weed-free instant lawn for residential, commercial and landscaping industries:


Kikuyu is a medium textured, bright green grass with a root system that can form a lush thick mat. It is an invasive lawn and a vigorous grower and therefore needs mowing regularly. It requires well drained soil and sufficient water and compost. It grows is full sun and in not shade tolerant, it requires at least 70% sunlight per day.


A coarse textured, bluish-green grass with good shade tolerance. Enjoys dappled sunlight, but will not grow in total shade. Buffalo requires less water and less mowing. Being indigenous it is also less susceptible to fungus diseases. Buffalo is less invasive and when it thickens into a healthy lawn weeds are strangled. It is has a good drought tolerance because it can turn brown and unattractive in winter. It needs a good soil preparation before laying and a lawn dressing just after.


Berea is also known as LM grass. It is an indigenous semi-shade lawn. Berea is a medium textured broad leafed grass with good heat and fair drought tolerance.